The Comic Legend

Jim Unger’s award-winning cartoon HERMAN® is a daily feature in hundreds of  newspapers worldwide and millions of books sold in more than 25 countries. HERMAN was an instant success for Unger and Universal Press Syndicate when  launched in 1974 with its wry sardonic wit and unique illustrative style. Twice honored by the National Cartoonists Society for Best Syndicated Panel, the ground-breaking single panel comic influencing countless creators who followed. Unger attempted to retire in 1992, but returned to the comic pages in 1998 with classics and new material created with his close friend and collaborator David Waisglass, creator of FARCUS®. Unger passed away in 2012 with several more new gags sketched at his bedside. Years later, HERMAN continues to delight fans in both newspapers and online media. So grab onto your funny bone and get re-acquainted with HERMAN, one of the most hilarious and successful comic strips of all time.