Apple Safari

Apple Safari is a terrific web browser but occasionally it fails to work as it should.  If you are unable to download from Safari, we suggest first reboot your device. It is surprising how many times this solves the problem. 

If a simple reboot does not work, we Apple suggests the following:

A) Check List Before another Reboot

1. Update. Ensure your Apple device has the most recent IOS.

2. Close all apps including Safari. (Double click home button and swipe to close each app.)

3. Clear History and Website Data. (Settings app > scroll down to Safari > Clear History)

4. Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > ON)

5. Restart  (Press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button until the red slider appears)


B) Soft Reset.

If the above did not fix the problem, conduct a Soft Reset. 

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button AND the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This will attempt to fix corrupt files without removing data from your device.

C) Network Settings Reset 

Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings

This will not remove content from your device.

D) Reset All

If you are still unable to download our file from the download link, Reset All. (Settings > General > Reset > All)

IMPORTANT: This will restore your device to its original factory settings. Your data will be lost if you do not properly backup to iCloud or your computer. When backing up to iCloud, be sure that everything has been copied to the cloud. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > iCloud.  If you Reset All, and you are still experiencing problems, you should take your device to Apple for a full analysis and repair.

E) Workaround.

Apple recommends doing a factory reset, as stated above, after trying steps A to C. However, you may try a different web browser from the App Store, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. This is a temporary workaround and will not repair problems with your  device.