ebook will not download on my Windows PC.

Microsoft Edge often has issues downloading some files. When downloading to a Windows PC, you may need to use a different browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

eBook will not download to my mobile device.

Check your mobile device settings to ensure that you have available memory. If you have a lot of photos, apps and videos on your device, you may have run out of free storage space. If you are using Safari and the download link fails to work, try these fixes recommended by Apple.

 eBook will not open after download.

To view our eBooks, you must first download a free ePub reader. For reliable results on mobile devices, use Apple iBooks (included on all Apple devices) or Google Play Books. For a computer, use Apple iBooks or Adobe Digital Edition for Windows. All other readers may not yet support ePub 3 fixed-layout and will produce wonky results. If you are experiencing problems, please ensure you have an updated version of these apps. 

Everything looks wonky.

Ensure you are using an updated version of either Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, or Adobe Digital Edition. Other reader apps may not yet support ePub 3 fixed-layout eBooks and may produce bizarre results.